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                          Along with lots of loving, we provide 
                          the following for our clients: 
                          *Our initial in-home consultation is free*
                          During this visit we meet your pet(s) and 
                          interact with them to see how we get along.

                          We fill out the paperwork and go over 
                          the service agreement and we'll also pick 
                          up a spare key to your home and a partial 
                          payment. We agree on how often you want us 
                          to visit each day and what services you 

                          We base our fees accordingly. Paws 'n Claws 
                          does not endorse every-other-day service 
                          since we believe that the safety and 
                          well-being of your pets warrant at least 
                          one visit per day.                        
                          Our client services include:

                               - A 30-minute customized visit, 1-3 times daily.
                               - Lots of cuddling
                               - We put down food and fresh water
                               - Petting and playtime
                               - Walking and exercise
                               - Maintaining a fresh, clean litter box 
                               - Administer vitamins and medications 
	                         (Excluding Needles)
                               - Clean feeding area and bowls
                               - Cleaning up any accidents 
                               - Home security checks 
                               - Seek emergency care for pets 
                                 in case of illness
                               - Provide a Daily Log of how your 
                                 pet is doing (E-mail up-dates 
                                 available on request)
                               - We guarantee your privacy and the 
                                 confidentiality of your home
                                 *Extra services we provide free-of-charge* 
                                 while we're caring for your pets:
                               - We'll bring in mail,packages,newspapers,
                                 and those pesky flyers
                               - Water indoor plants 
                               - Alternate lights, curtains, and blinds 
                               - Take out the garbage  
                               - Turn T.V.s and Radios on/off for that 
                                 "I'm at home" lived-in look

                               Our Fee Schedule:              
                               Key Pick-up and Return                      $10.00
                              *If we pick up a key at the time of the  consultation visit, the $5.00 key pick up fee is waived.
                               Single visit per day                        $15.00
                               Two visits per day                 2@$15.00=$30.00
                               Three visits per day               3@$15.00=$45.00

                               Haven't got a pet but would still like someone 
                               to come around and keep an eye on your property 
                               while you're away?

                               No Problem!

                               Our basic daily fee of $15.00 still applies and 
                               we'll perform similar services plus any tasks
                               that you feel need to be taken care of while 
                               you're not there.
                               Please refer to our contact information if we 
                               can be of service.

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